A friend told me they sent me e-mail but I haven't received it. How do I investigate this?

There are a number of reasons you may not receive a e-mail message. Before contacting our help desk you might first check the following:

  1. That your correspondent has the correct e-mail address. If they have a typographical error in your e-mail address they will receive a "bounce" notification letting them know this.
  2. That the message hasn't ended up in your junk-mail folder. U-Mail employs sophisticated spam filtering technologies, but they're not perfect. As such, legitimate e-mail may end up in your junk-mail. See our Spam Filtering page for details.
  3. We employ a technology called greylisting to further limit spammers ability to abuse your e-mail. For first-time correspondents, greylisting introduces a short delay (typically less than 15 minutes) before the message arrives in your inbox. So if you're expecting a message from a new correspondent, be aware that it may not arrive instantaneously.