Can I setup an automatic reply or an out of office notification?

Yes.  Complete the following:

  1. Click on the cog wheel next to your name when you sign into OWA to bring up additional options.
  2. Click on “set automatic replies
  3. Toggle from “Don’t send automatic replies” to “Send automatic replies
  4. Ensure that the checkbox for “Send replies only during this time period” is checked
  5. Fill in the start and end time range for your out of office notification period
  6. Complete your out of office message response in both text area boxes.  Note that “senders inside my organization” refers to other UCSB students using the Office365 service and “senders outside my organization” refer to everyone else.  You may elect to have both the inside and outside organization messages be the same
  7. Ensure that “send automatic reply message to senders outside my organization” is checked
  8. Ensure that “send replies to all external senders” is checked
  9. Click “save