My Out of Office (set automatic replies) notifications are not working.

To ensure that your out of office notifications are working, note that you cannot have BOTH automatic replies enabled AND email forwarding enabled.  One must be disabled.

If you absolutely need both automatic replies AND forwarding, you need to create an inbox rule:

  1. First, create and enable your automatic reply message. See previous FAQ item for assistance.
  2. Disabled your email forwarding
    1. click the cog wheel image, then click “options"
    2. In the center pane, click “connected accounts
    3. in the forwarding section, blank out and erase any forwarding email address you may have
    4. click “save
  3. Creating an inbox rule for both automatic replies and forwarding
    1. Click Organize Mail, and then click Inbox Rules.
    2. Click New (), and then click Create a new rule for arriving messages.
    3. In the Name box, specify a name for the rule, and then click More options.
    4. Under When the Message Arrives, select Apply to all messages.
    5. Under Do the Following, point to Move, copy or delete, and then select Copy the Message to the Folder.
    6. Click Select Folder, and then select Inbox.
    7. Click Add Conditions.
    8. Under Forward the Messages to, select User whom you have to forward.
    9. Click Save.