What's going to happen to my account during the upgrade process?

Once an account is selected for upgrade, we take the following steps:

  1. A message will be sent your U-Mail account notifying you that the we're beginning to migrate your account to Office 365. At this time you can continue to use send and receive messages from your old account.
  2. We'll begin copying each of your mail folders and messages to your new account so that its contents are identical to your old account. Once we begin, any messages sent to your U-Mail address will be delivered to both your old inbox and your new inbox.
  3. After all of your messages & folders have been synchronized, your new account will be ready for use. At this point, any new messages that are sent to your U-Mail address will be delivered only to your new account.
  4. Although you'll still be able to login to your old account, we to make sure you don't use it anymore. To make sure you're aware of this, we'll rename your the inbox in your old account to inbox.old and create a new empty inbox.
  5. Once the migration of your account has completed, you'll be sent a message notifying you of this to both your old account — where it will be the only message in your inbox — and your new account. This message will inform you that your new account is ready for use and provide instructions for access.