Mozilla Thunderbird ESR

You can use U-Mail with Mozilla Thunderbird by following the steps outlined in this configuration guide.

  1. Open Thunderbird and Select 'Account Settings' from the 'Tools' menu

  2. Select 'Add Mail Account' under the 'Account Actions' menu in the lower left hand corner


  3. Enter your full name, e-mail address and your U-Mail password, click Continue


  4. Click 'Manual Config' and enter for the Incoming server name and for the Outgoing server names. For the Username field input your entire U-Mail e-mail address. Select port 993 and select SSL/TLS for Incoming. Select port 587 and select STARTTLS for Outgoing. Click 'Done'. Select Normal password for both Incoming and Outgoing, then click 'Create Account'.

  5. Close the 'Account Options' window. Right-click on your Inbox and select 'Subscribe'. Check the box next to any folders you want to display in Thunderbird, specifically 'Sent Items' as that is where your sent e-mail is stored. Click 'OK' when done.


  6. Go to the 'Tools' menu and select 'Account Settings' again to configure your proper 'Sent Items' folder.

  7. Under 'Copies & Folders' select 'Other' and then navigate to the 'Sent Items' folder under your account. Click 'OK' when done.

  8. That's it! You can now begin using Thunderbird ESR with your U-Mail account.