U-Mail Service Platform Upgrade - Nov 21st

Monday, November 18, 2013

Next Thursday, the 21st of November, our U-Mail service platform (based on Microsoft Office 365) will be undergoing an upgrade. The updated platform provides a number of new features, primarily to the WebAccess interface, and addresses a number of long standing feature-requests.

The upgrade process will happen automatically, and we expect there should be no outage in service. If you are signed into U-Mail WebAccess at the time of the upgrade you may be logged out and need to sign-in again.

If have a mobile device (smartphone, tablet, etc.) configured to access their U-Mail account it should continue to work with no change. But if you do have issues, you may need to reconfigure it using the instructions on www.umail.ucsb.edu.

Those that access their U-Mail accounts via an IMAP client such as Thunderbird will unfortunately need to update their settings for it to work after the upgrade. We’ll send a follow-up note to known IMAP users with detailed instructions, but if you have trouble with your account after the 21st please verify your configuration settings with www.umail.ucsb.edu.

If you have any questions about your U-Mail account either before or after this upgrade please contact the Student Support Center at 805-893-5542 or online at www.umail.ucsb.edu/help