Using Your U-Mail Account

Account Access

You can access you U-Mail account via a variety of different mail "client" applications in addition to our WebAccess webmail service. If you primarily access your account from your laptop or desktop computer we recommend installing one of these for the most full-featured messaging experience.

If you own a smartphone, we also support access via iPhone, Android and Blackberry.

     Windows Mac OS Linux Smartphone

U-Mail WebAccess

- our web-based mail client

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Mozilla Thunderbird

- the free email client we prefer

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Microsoft Outlook PC

Microsoft Outlook Mac

- the mail client bundled with Microsoft Office

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Apple Mail v5/v6

Apple Mail v7

- the mail client bundled with Apple Mac OS X


Android Mail

- the mail client built-in to Android smartphones


iPhone/iPad Mail

- the mail client built-in to Apple iOS


Windows Phone

- mail access from  Windows Phone



If the client you want to use isn't listed here, check our Generic Mail Client Configuration for details on how to configure it for use with use with U-Mail.



Account Lifespan

Account Activation Account Deactivation