Android 4.0 Email

You can use U-Mail with your Android 4 device by following this configuration guide:

  1. Go to 'Applications' and click 'Email'. If you already have an account set up, click the 'menu' button, select 'Settings' and click 'Add Account'. Select 'Other' for the account type.


  2. Type in your U-Mail address and password.


  3. Select 'Exchange' for account type.


  4. Change the username to your U-Mail address and change the 'Server' name to 'm.outlook.com', click Next.


  5. Uncheck 'Sync contacts from this account.' Uncheck 'Sync calendar from this account.' Uncheck 'Sync tasks from this account.' Click 'Done'.


  6. Give the account a name such as 'U-Mail' and click Next.


  7. That's it! You can now begin using U-Mail with your Android 4 device.